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Aum Ang Angrakaya Namah
What Is Manglik

When a person's horoscope is afflicted with Mars or Mangal the person is called a Manglik and the affliction is termed Mangal Dosha or Kuja Dosha or Bhauma Dosha according to the various names of Mars in Indian languages, particularly Sanskrit.If we follow the old books of Vedic Astrology, Mangal Dosha occurs when Mars is placed in any of the 1st, 2nd, 4th, 7th, 8th or 12th houses of the natal (birth) horoscope of a person.That, apparently, will make 50% of the population Manglik; but the ancient seers also added further qualifying criteria which conditions when applied, cancels out Mangal Dosha in majority of the cases and number of the natives who are found to be truly Manglik is drastically reduced. We will see those conditions,but first we discuss what is the likely outcome of Mangal Dosha.

How Is Mangal

If we go through the qualities of Mars or Mangal as explained in Vedic  Astrology, we will find that Mars is a fierce, malefic and fiery planet; he resides in a fiery place; is short, with thick set bones and strong physique; associated with bitter taste and above all is Tamasic. At once the picture of a short, heavy, quick tempered and ruthless person (Mars is the Chief of Army) comes up in our mind. Such a person is not a good prospect for the purpose of marriage and in Mangal Dosha, it is the marriage of the native that  is affected most. If either the husband or the wife is truly Manglik, there will be trouble, severity of which will depend on houses affected and other relevant planetary combinations at the time of birth.While, generally it may mean an unhappy marriage, sometimes leading to the break up, in particularly severe affliction, it may even cause death of the spouse.

When Manglik Gets Nullified

The Mangal Dosha, therefore, is not to be taken lightly. However, the Dosha will cancel out when:

1) Mars is in high spirits; in exaltation, or Mool Trikone or in his own house, i.e. when  Mars is in Capricorn or Aries or Scorpion.
2) Mars is easy in the house of his friends Sun, Moon and Jupiter, i.e. when Mars is in Leo, Cancer,           
Sagittarius and Pisces.
3) Mars is the Yoga Karaka, i.e. when Ascendant sign is either Cancer or Leo.
4) Mars is in conjuction with or aspected by Sun, Moon, Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn and Rahu.
5) Benefic Jupiter or Venus is in the ascendant

Apart from these there will also be no Dosha when:

6) Mars will be in 2nd house but in Gemini or Virgo
7) Mars is in 12th house but in  Taurus or Libra, and
8) Mars is in 4th/8th house and Aquarius is the ascendant

If all these riders as stated above are considered, there still will remain some people who will be truly Manglik. The calculation,however is not as simple. The riders need Mangal to be in high spirits to be fully effective and this depends on many factors. The checking, therefore  requires the personal judgment of the astrologer and the number of afflicted persons may not be that small.The checking must be done very carefully and not by the click of mouse through instant computer reports. As a true Manglik may face serious problems in marriage life, the checking must be treated seriously.
To help our readers, we do this Mangal Dosha check free as a social service.

What If One Is Still A Manglik

One manglik can marry another manglik. Each will cancel out the dosha of the other.This is though, a rare possibility; only 1 in 800 persons.

In case a
manglik girl must marry a non manglik boy a ceremony known as Kumbh Vivah is to be performed first.
Horoscope or kundali for mangal dosha and kumbh vivah
Rasi Chakra  for Kumbh Vivah
  Houses afflicted show mangal icons
Kumbh Vivah

A manglik can marry a non-manglik after taking resort to Kumbh Vivah. In Kumbh Vivah  ceremony, the manglik will first marry a kumbh (earthen urn) which represents Lord Vishnu before the actual marriage ceremony. The kumbh is decorated with swastika, filled up with Ganga jal (water of the river Ganges), topped up with betel or mango leaves and closed on top with a coconut. Then the girl is married to this kumbh just like any other hindu wedding.After the marriage, the kumbh is immersed in a river or pond and ensured that it can never be used again. The marriage is symbolic indicating that after this Kumbh Vivah Lord Vishnu absorbs all the negative qualities of the bride's Mangal and the Mangal Dosha is neutralised completely. The manglik bride will now be free to marry without any harm to her spouse. The name Kumbh Vivah comes from the fact that in this remedy a symbolic marriage with a kumbh is first performed.
Instead of the original Kumbh Vivah using an earthen urn, now a days another version of Kumbh Vivah has become very popular. In this type of Kumbh Vivah, the manglik is to marry a sacred tree (banana or peepal) or an idol of Lord Vishnu or Lord Krishna first before the actual marriage ceremony.

The most high profile Kumbh Vivah of recent years took place when Bollywood star Aisharya Rai, who is a manglik got married to a tree first before her actual marriage with Abhishek Bachchan. This shows the deep rooted faith and belief of Hindus in this tradition.

Kumbh Vivah Of Aisharya Rai

Aisharya Rai is a manglik. So before her marriage with Abhishek Bachchan she had been advised to neutralise her mangal dosha by means of Kumbh Vivah.

She visited Varanasi and was married to a peepal tree in Kumbh Vivah.
She also visited Ayodhya and was married to an idol incarnation of Bhagwan Vishnu.
She then went to Bangalore and got married to a banana tree, again in Kumbh Vivah.

Finally she was married to Abhishek Bachchan in 20th April, 2007.
Marriage of manglik neutralised Aisharaya brought great happiness and fortune to the Bachchan family .

       Mangal Dosha
          And Kumbh Vivah
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Other Remedies

There are many other Poojas, Yagnas and Upayas to remedy this dosha depending on the position of rest of the planets. So even if you find yourself to be among the unfortunate few who are really manglik, you need not lose heart. There are remedies for this affliction, but they need to be taken in time.

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